Sheridan Entrance Portfolio

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

3rd Year Film Part 1

Belated post on the unforgettable year 3 of Sheridan.
Here are some of my contributions to our fabulous group film, Grounded.

Starting with the BG paintings, for which I also did layouts, unless specified.

Opening monster shot:

Ferris Wheel Monster shot:

Scene 25 :

Scene 39 :

Scene 41 :

Scene 61 : Tasha's painting, I just finished detailing : )

Scene 86 :

Scene 87 :

Scene 100 :

Sc 100 Part 2 :

 Scene 101 : I just did the colours

Some of my stall colours~ but the middle one is Margo's : ) (

I'll update my animations and the final product in a later post~

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Semester Six

Catching up on the last few projects I didn't post at the end of last semester.

My final layout for my action analysis:

And final character design for my action analysis:

Some life drawings from the royal winter fair - each year I remind myself to practice drawing more animals...


A life drawing assignment to take a human pose and show how it might morph into a creature:

 Some more development from my group film, Grounded,

For the poster above, I did the final painting pass- the lines were by Melody, and clean up by Margo!

 Finally, a work in progress shot of what kept me busy over the break...